Why The Messenger is Temporarily Out of Stock at Amazon

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers who ordered The Messenger in paperback from Amazon and have encountered unexpected delays in the shipment of their books. So, here’s the info on why The Messenger is temporarily out of stock there…

All book retailers, such as Amazon, place orders for The Messenger at their discretion. Amazon ordered a larger quantity than initially expected — now they’ve had to order more.

I’m sorry that some of you have had to wait so long for your copy of The Messenger. Just to be clear, my publisher’s distributor is working quickly to fulfill the current demand. The good news though is that your orders have shown a demand that will hopefully encourage Amazon to keep a large number of books on hand so that this can be avoided in the future. So, thank you! I appreciate all of you who’ve ordered The Messenger, and I hope that when your copy arrives, you enjoy Jeilin’s story.

P.S. The Messenger is also available in e-book formats for Kindle and Nook, for those of you who have e-readers / e-reading apps and don’t want to wait.


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